Volcanic Pinnacles

Drums and Saxophone, creating sheets of molten sound.

Volcanic Pinnacles is a Portland, OR duo that creates dense clouds of ambient, melodic, and grooving sound. Drawing inspiration from the likes of spiritual jazz as well as avant-garde and post rock pioneers, the duo bridges the gap between free jazz, post rock, psychedelic rock, and world rhythms. Saxophone player Tony Mowe utilizes electronics to push his instrument into innovative territory, creating a deep droning wave of melody, while drummer Mark Musselman sculpts the sound into shifting polyrhythmic layers. "Volcanic Pinnacles set a course for the center of the earth with Sun Ra-esque explorations into the free jazz inner core as a two-piece of saxophone and drums."(Portland Mercury)

“Unveiling” is the third EP to be released by Volcanic Pinnacles, and their first to be released on vinyl. The album takes the listener on a kaleidoscopic journey through dense and layered saxophones, intertwined with polyrhythmic and cascading drums. The record traverses landscapes ranging from the atmospheric to the bombastic, creating a tapestry of sound that will equally uplift and entrance audiences. "Volcanic Pinnacles present a free-floating, free-roaming sonic exploration into the realms of rock, free jazz, and ambient sound."(Portland Mercury)

"Unveiling" was recorded and mixed by Justin Longerbeam at Ice Cream Party studios and mastered by Adam Gonzalves at Telegraph Mastering in Portland, Oregon.

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