The Portland Mercury on the Creative Music Guild Outset Series show, 7/3/13: Tonight's event by the Creative Music Guild promises to be a seismic eruption of experimental innovation. For a few years now, the Guild has been responsible for promoting and showcasing Portland's most inspired left-field musicians and sound projects. Lavas Magmas and Volcanic Pinnacles are forged from the same igneous ore as all acts for CMG showcases, displaying an improvisational spirit that makes these shows a dynamic and unique experience for both audience and performer. Volcanic Pinnacles set a course for the center of the earth with Sun Ra-esque explorations into the free jazz inner core as a two-piece of saxophone and drums." [Volcanic Pinnacles] present a free-floating, free-roaming sonic exploration into the realms of rock, free jazz, and ambient sound." On the EYRST Halloween Show, 10/30/16: On the NW Post-Rock Collective Showcase, 4/29/17: "Local jazz/post-rock fusion duo Volcanic Pinnacles headline the NW Post-Rock Collective's third showcase with their lava hot drum- and sax-fueled experiments." Volcanic Pinnacles's driven, experimental tracks call in fringe elements of jazz and electronic music.

— Portland Mercury

polyrhythmic masters   Willamette Week on the NW Post-Rock Collective Showcase, 4/29/17:”

— Willamette Week

Seattle's The Stranger on Debacle Fest 2017, 5/6/17:”

— The Stranger

When I listen to Volcanic Pinnacles I’m instantly stoked on their textural horn and percussion madness. It’s no secret when you hear this song that this duo is incredibly creative and deeply in it. It’s hard not to appreciate a sound like this." -Bryson, from the CD Baby Baby Discover Music Podcast, June 2014”

— CD Baby Discover Music Podcast